10 – Furloughed and fired-up Think differently

10 – Furloughed and fired-up

To say we’re getting used to the current lockdown is likely to be far from true. Whether we’re working way more or less than usual, the time of ‘business as unusual’ is here for some time yet. For those finding themselves with more time on their hands, the average day is probably bringing new challenges – but we can still use this rare season to put our pausing to good use.

#9 – Facilitating serendipity at your virtual event Meetup

#9 – Facilitating serendipity at your virtual event

The magic of a physical event is those random interactions, and the new people you meet at your table or in the hallway. While we are in lockdown, how can we create virtual events that facilitate this form of interaction? We explore some ways to create magical moments and fresh connections during your virtual events….