10 – Furloughed and fired-up

Think differently

To say we’re getting used to the current lockdown is likely to be far from true. Whether we’re working way more or less than usual, the time of ‘business as unusual’ is here for some time yet. For those finding themselves with more time on their hands, the average day is probably bringing new challenges – but we can still use this rare season to put our pausing to good use.

We look at:

  • Did William Shakespeare truly write King Lear, Macbeth and other plays during lockdown?
  • Did Sir Isaac Newton truly produce a bunch of his mathematical laws while quarantined?
  • While we need to be kind to ourselves, some downtime presents a rare opportunity to explore fresh ways of thinking.

So, let’s share those ideas. We’ve set up a forum at eventmartech.com/industrytransformation

Welcome to Episode 10 of the Event Martech Podcast. My name is Tim Davis. I’m your host for this particular episode. Usually our host is Lee Jackson. He’s my business partner. We’ve been servicing the events industry together since 2009, I believe it was. Lee and I were having a conversation earlier this week about this particular subject that I raised with him and I was burning quite passionately about it. And he said, Oh, I think you should just go ahead and run Episode 10 all by yourself and just talk. So here I am. I’m actually sitting in my car right now recording this podcast. I would do it at home, but I have four very loud daughters plus a dog that they regularly make bark. So, this is the quietest place that I can find to monologue at you for a bit. So this particular subject, I’ve called furloughed yet fired up.

Now it’s not a subject that is exclusively for people who are furloughed. Maybe you are like one of the many people who I know who are busier than ever right now and we’re all aware. I think that this is a very, very weird time where workers all over the world are kind of split into two main camps. You’ve got those who are furloughed or maybe they’re not furloughed but they’ve certainly got less on their plate than they had before. And then on the other side, you’ve got people who are overwhelmed because they’re busier than ever before. And of course that is neither fair nor sustainable, but it is the way it is right now. And there is a debt to the frontline workers that I don’t think could ever be repaid. And what I’d like to do with this particular episode with great respect and sensitivity is talk to the people who may be finding that they’ve got more time on their hands and maybe like me, you saw some memes going around sort of towards the end of March time that we’re talking about William Shakespeare and what he got up to during the plague of the early 1600s, maybe also like me.

You sort of rolled your eyes a bit as you saw that and thought to yourself, well, it’s a meme and therefore it probably contains about as much truth as the average Donald Trump tweet, which of course actually is to say that actually sometimes those tweets do have truth within them. The frustrating thing is that you have to sort of unpick what is true and what is not. So I’ve actually going ahead and done that with these memes and I’ve looked into what Shakespeare did get up to in the early 1600s and it turns out that it is more than likely true that during Shakespeare’s period of being locked down, he penned King Leah, apparently Macbeth and Antony and Cleopatra as well. Now, what’s even more interesting than that is that between the years 1603 and 1613, that was when Shakespeare was at the height of his career.

He was very financially dependent upon the globe theatre in London. But during that 10 year period, because of the plague, the authorities shut down the globe theatre and most theatres for a total of 78 months. During that 10 year period, that means for more than 60% of the time he couldn’t make any money. He couldn’t actually perform at the globe theatre. Now maybe he wasn’t writing on top of the world the entire time. Maybe. Actually he spent a lot of time very, very low, very, very down. Right now, mental health issues are, I know that are very hot topic and they have been for quite a long time and even before they were a hot topic, they were obviously still issues. If you are in a state of feeling maybe down or a bit sort of stuck, find yourself in a bit of a rut.

Be kind to yourself. Just acknowledge that you are in that spot right now and let yourself just be there for maybe for a while. I’m not saying for weeks on end, but be kind to yourself and also at the same time know that sometimes it does take us stopping and being stuck for a bit to be able to take a breather and rest for a bit and in those times we could just find something bubbling up ideas that were laying dormant that we were never, we were never even aware of before. It’s through our emotions and finally into our minds that we’re sort of help us to think about things in a very, very different way. Another example, are similar to William Shakespeare is Isaac Newton. That’s another one. Another meme that I saw being thrown around and I’ve checked that one out too and apparently that one is true as well.

Well, Sir Isaac Newton was in lockdown. That’s where he worked on and develop theories that would become known as calculus. He poked a hole in his window blind and let a beam of light come through and set up a couple of prisms, just split the white light proving his theory that all the various colours that we see are actually made up of anywhere between light and dark. And the third thing that Newton discovered whilst on lockdown was his law of gravity, which later gave way to his laws of motion. Now I’m very aware that these are very monumental examples of some of the things when that went on, when people were in quarantine, and I’m not necessarily suggesting that you are destined to be the next William Shakespeare or the next Isaac Newton, maybe you are, but certainly for all of us, we can not just hang in there during this time of lockdown.

We can do more than that. Yes, we can struggle. Yes, we can rest. Yes, we can get a bit more sleep. Yes, we can catch up on the gardening and the painting, but what we can also do as we pause business as usual is find some space to allow ourselves to just stop and think. So if you do find yourself as you pause as you go about a very different kind of routine for the time being, and it could be for the next few weeks, could even be for a few more months. We just don’t know yet. But as you are pausing, if you do find things bubbling up within you that cause you to think we could be doing these things in these different ways, maybe we’re not concentrating on the right measurements in our business at the moment or in whichever way you might be.

Finding yourself thinking differently. This podcast episode is here to encourage you to keep going and to keep thinking and coming up with those ideas. And again, I say this with the greatest sensitivity and respect with what is going on at the moment, but as we do find ourselves with more time on our hands, there is an opportunity here to be more creative in the way we approach business. So to that end, what we’ve set up at www.eventmartech.com is a very simple forum. And the objective here is not to grow it to be a big forum by any means. It’s simply a safe place that we want to open up for people who are thinking differently at the moment and are thinking, I’m not quite sure what to do with this idea, whether to take it to my boss. Maybe it’ll upset the applecart a little too much.

You can post, non anonymously if you want to. You don’t have to but we’ve set up a forum if you go to www.eventmartech.com/Industrytransformation. Now, although obviously this podcast is called Event Martech and therefore is mainly about all things related to event marketing technology. With this particular forum, we want to just smash down the boundaries and say, this is not necessarily about event marketing technology, this forum, we want to be about anything to do with the events business. If you’ve got an idea that you would like to share about how things could or should be thought about or approached differently within the world of

running an event, then please come and join us. Let your voice be heard that generate some ideas. We’ll see you in the forum. Thanks for listening. Stay safe.

Whilst we try to ensure accuracy, transcripts are semi automated through machine learning from the natural flow of speech.

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