#5 – Live streaming your event

Live Streaming

Since launching my conference, some members of my global community have asked if we will offer a live stream of the event, and so we already had an offsite engagement strategy in place for this year. I’m glad we did since I’ve received a few concerned emails from a minority who have said they are expecting to not be able to travel and would like to benefit from the live stream. In this episode I’ll unpack how we planned it and the tools used, demonstrating that the whole strategy was far easier than I expected.

We will unpack:

  • Equipment
  • Streaming
  • Internet connection
    • Best practices
      • Wired connection
      • Separate internet to delegates
      • Testing the runsheet
    • Backup service
      • Terms
      • Recording
      • Data plan
  • Monetisation
    • Digital tickets
      • Members area
      • Private group
      • Unlisted stream
    • Recordings
      • After show sales
      • Ticket upgrades
  • Software/apps

Whilst we try to ensure accuracy, transcripts are semi automated through machine learning from the natural flow of speech.

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